DJ Shahar Ronen

 DJ Shahar Ronen - Make sure you have a once in a lifetime event

Shahar Ronen started his DJ career at the early age of 13. Since then, it has been 20 years of great passion for the world of music at the DJ stand.

Shahar Ronen's unique ability to read the audience is prominent in every event. 

With hundreds of weddings, parties and successful events in his repertoire, from which he gained a lot of knowledge and experience, Shahar Ronen can turn your event into an unforgettable party.

Shahar has played at most of Israel's trendy clubs and bars, such As: Melon, Vox, Doom, TLV, Galina, Ku millennium, Maskit 3, Paranoya, Metrock, E, and more.

Shahar believes that every event is a once in a lifetime event, and as such, it is very important to connect with and understand the audience, to excite all the guests and create the best atmosphere with the help of music. 

You are welcome to book an appointment with DJ Shahar Ronen. You will meet a patient and warm person, who is always ready to give great advice on any musical matter, planning the event, and incorporating innovative ideas to make your event perfect.  

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