Groove Redemption

גרוב רידמפשן עם כפיר בן ליש, כרמי שמרון, ו-7 נגנים

Groove Redemption - Best Party In Town 

Groove Redemption is one of the most experienced & unique ensembles in Israel to this day. Including top musicians from top TV productions and top mesmerizing vocal performers, The Groove Redemption certainly brings the GROOVE wherever they go.  

Kfir Ben Laish & Carmi ShomronDancing with the Stars

Lital Gabai – Idan Raichel Project & Tzahi Halevi – The Voice

Band Members Include:
4 Vocalists | Guitar | Keyboard | Bass | Saxophone | Drums


 כפיר בן ליש    צחי הלוי
 כרמי שמרון
 כרמי שמרון, כפיר בן ליש, וצחי הלוי
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