Attractions for your event - from the house of Novo Music.

Novo Live offers various attractions to enrich your event and create a great experience:

To complete your event, we at "Novo Live" offer you a variety of attractions that can enrich and change the experience for your event.
Whether it's a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, or any other important event in your life:

  Live on DJ

     A fascinating mix of musicians who join the DJ live on stage
 Ceremony Enterance
     Novo Music helps you to decide how to enter your dream
Drum Circle
      A fun and energetic performance that accompanies the event from start      
     to finish (or by request)

Bridal Blessing
     Jewish tradition with a twist – recording a bridal blessing in a professional
      recording studio.

     Video Art: Magical combination of music, images and videos on stage
Event Hosting
     Combining a professional host for your event, for creating a humorous and fun experience.
Recording Studio
     Novo Music provides a full equipped recording studio with professional
     guidance to record greetings for an event (wedding/Bat Mitzvah etc.) 

נובו מיוזיק אטרקציות 
 נובו מיוזיק ג'זז
נובו מיוזיק - אטרקציות
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