Déjà Vu Band - Acoustic

DejaVu Band - Acoustic - 60’s 70’s Hits


Déjá Vu Band - a reception acoustic band, that brings a quality breeze and fun to the beginning of your event.
With the greatest songs of the 60's and 70's Déjà Vu's musicians pleasantly welcome your guests by creating the perfect atmosphere.
When beautiful music is in the background, it is fun to walk around with a cocktail or a beer and enjoy the songs that we all grew up on, the songs that endure the test of time and remind us what true and good music is.
We believe that when your guests arrive they are already in high spirits, this is an excellent starting point for us and all we have to do is keep the same vibe pleasantly. That is why we provide plenty of upbeat and happy songs for the evening, because after all - we're coming to have fun.
The talented musicians of Déjà Vu accompany the reception and the beginning of the event with great skill and true love for the music that they play and the songs they perform.
Most of the people have heard this kind of music at home and for everyone it creates unparalleled pleasure.
As good friends we stand together and get to play the songs we grow up on.
This is probably the feeling that runs through the crowd that always receives us with smiles and many compliments.

Band Members Include:
Female Vocal | Male Vocal + A. Guitar | A. Guitar | Double Bass | Drums



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Telephone: 077-2130135
Mobile:  058-5130135
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