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Project Description

Monti Fiori

Monti Fiori’s unique musical style creates a highly energetic theatrical act, filled with humor, romance and fun. With Influences ranging from 50’s-60’s San Remo classics, Mediterranean festive beats to sexy Italian surf rock, Tel Aviv Based Monti Fiori serves it with a fresh and modern vibe.
This energetic 5-piece ensemble gets the crowd dancing in a snap, turning every venue into a true Italian fiesta!

Monti Fiori’s live shows are filled with a retro atmosphere and a particularly aesthetic sense of style. Wearing no more than white suites and red bow ties, the ensemble sweeps the crowd back to the spirits of singers like Adriano Celentano, Domenico mondugno, Bobby Solo, Gianni Morandi and more.

Band Members Include:
Male Vocal | Guitar | Keyboard | Bass | Drums

Monti Fiori is:

Itamar Fintzi – Vocals, Melodica

Assa Raviv – E.Gtr

Or Edry – Bass Guitar

Ira Raviv – Drums

Omri Behr – Keyboards


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